Corner Protector

Corner Protector 140.0 mm (Techinical Draw)
Corner Protector  78.5 mm (Techinical Draw)

Product Technican Characteristic

Arsan corner guard ,completely made of rubber;with its own  special agents has got the resistance against ozone ray and deformation.

  • Normally the product composes of 1 body and if demanded; there is a head part that can be easily fitted on it.
  • There are 6 holes  (3 holes for each side) in order to  set the product into the ground . the head piece is designed  to be able to  fit in the body piece.
  • There is a storage (bed)  in both sizes of the product, left and right. The   thickness of the storage  is 30 mm and the depth is 3mm. the reflective  material is being fitted here.

Product Advantages

  • Even in a possible situation  of  crash or abrasion, the rubber itself  gains its form again through its flexion ability.
  • Product gained extra flexion  through the spaces that exist inside the products.
  • It has got a noteworthy and aesthetics view  with it’s reflective bands.

The Montage

  • You can see the product section measurements and montage below…