Corrugated Pipe Gaskets

The Koruge Pipe Gaskets which are produced by Arsan Kaucuk; are suitable for the 681-1 standarts.Gasket designs which will be used in Koruge Gaskets are measured and drawed specially for the shape of the pipe  by our company .

Arsan Koruge Pipe Gaskets  are designed  for filling the  space  that is created  between muff and pipe  and  at the same time designed for  blocking the  water leakage. Koruge Pipe Gaskets are composed of  lips  that  supply  imperviousness  and fix the gasket in the intervals of the  ribbing . The body of the gasket should  settle tightly on the space of the pipe . Also the lip should be flexible and tough enough to stand  against the  pressure that can happen inside the pipe.